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Samantics is a one man band who makes and plays live, multi-instrumental, spoken word. He creates hard-hitting, musical poetry, with a sprinkle of hip-hop. Using a loopstation and an ever expanding collection of instruments, Samantics delivers a very refreshing and heartfelt sound. The energy, effort and concentration he puts in to his live shows creates a captivating performance and with his thoughtful, honest and engaging lyrics, Samantics frequently draws in large crowds. If you're more into drinking tea than murking Gs then Samantics is one to watch!


Samantics stepped onto the scene at the start of 2015 after finally persuing a solo career with the assistance of a loop pedal. Since then he has taken huge strides. He is now filling festival tents (including Wondefileds and Watchet), supporting the likes of The Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash and The Undercover Hippy and recording for the well established 'Balcony TV'. He's also had multiple songs broadcast on BBC Introducing in Devon with his most recent single dubbed 'Upload of the week'.

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 "To make us move and sing along like that after doing this for so long means you've got serious talent" Grand Master Flash (followed by a real life fist bump!) "Lyrics leave you emotional whilst the layering of insane sounds have your body moving... Samantics is one to watch in 2017, I can see big things happening for this guy." Music Muso Review "He's an absolute banger" BBC Radio Devon "He's a great musician and an incredible performer." Wonderfield Festival Organisers "In my 9 years of running a festival venue and small festivals, I've come across some incredible musical gems. Samantics is floating somewhere around the top. Raw, passionate, captivating and honest. The fact that he's also beautifully talented is a bonus." Gail Something Else "Blew my mind." Doozer McDooze "Samantics is a wonderfully unique performer and writer with a brilliant engaging delivery to each finely crafted lyric. His songs are so clever/funny/sad you have to listen numerous times to take them all in. This guy is made for festivals." Tony Lock, One Umbrella Music "He's such a talented and handsome young man." Sam's mum "Samantics is a high octane performance poet of great quality. He uses loop technology with a hint of ukulele and a hearty dollop of beatboxing to present challenging and highly enjoyable poems which take the notion of rap to new and thrilling levels" Watchet Festival suppliment Testimonials / Reviews
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Contact & Booking Contact Sam for bookings or more information via: Email: samanticsuk@yahoo.com Twitter www.twitter.com/samanticsUK Facebook: www.facebook.com/samanticsuk Instagram: www.instagram.com/samanticsuk Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/samanticsuk


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