General goings on 13/06/2018 So by now I'm sure you know I'm 87% useless when it comes to updating this section. It's been 8 months and everything has changed. There have been sh*t lows and ridiculous highs; at the moment, I'm riding high which is a very positive feeling! Anyway, I digress, news! T-shirts are now available in the shop section! There's a limited number of sizes and styles, when they're gone, there's no telling if or when they will be back! Loads of new dates for the summer in the gigs section and there's even some new videos! I'm clearly in a productive mood, yo. Next up in my antics will be an attempted live album recording which, if it doesn't sound awful, will be released soon as a digital download! 04/10/2017 What a bloody summer! Amazing bunch of festivals and gigs that I'll be remembering for a long time and now it's time to wrap up for the winter and send a shit load of emails to a shit load of places ready for next year! Very happy to say that I've already for 5 festivals booked for 2018 with hopefully many more to come! Any recommendations for festivals you think I'd suit, send me a message and let me know! 20/07/2017 Very very excited to announce that my brand new album, Too Many Cables, is available to buy! Head to the shop now! (Please grab me some milk while you're there.) 05/06/2017 Welcome to the new website! Things have been pretty hectic at Samantics HQ (the bedroom). The new album has been recorded and is ready to go! Thanks to some fabulous people, a crowdfunding campaign to have the album printed professionally was recently SUCCESSFUL! Everyone who pre-ordered will get their albums before the official release date - which I'm currently intending to be a release show, more on that soon. Thank you to everyone who pledged, I wouldn't be able to do this without your support! First single 'Little Things' was made 'Upload of the Week' on BBC Devon! Anyway, that's enough from me. Have a look around the new site, sorry I can't show you round personally, I have tea to make. 14/05/2017 PRE-ORDERS and limited edition merchandise now available for short period of time! Have a look at what's on offer here: 13/05/2017 HUUUUGE amount of time without an official update! Been very hard at work on my second album and am very excited to announce it is complete! I'm really pleased with how its sounding (as ALL musicians will say). Pre-orders will be available for a limited amount of time as part of a crowd funding project. After production of the CD's is complete, an official release date will be announced. People who pre-order will receive the album before everyone else! Lots of gigs & festivals coming up, check out the Gig page for more info! 04/01/2017 Happy new year, lovely people. Got lots planned for this year, new album, more shows, more festivals, more tea to consume. Fingers crossed for a good year for everyone, I'm being hopeful. x 19/09/2016 Despite few updates on here, it has been an exceptionally busy summer! I've been lucky enough to play some amazing festivals and gigs around the south west and am already being asked to play festivals next year! I am also excited to announce, for the first time, that I have written all the songs for my second album! I won't be stressing myself out with this one so it'll still be a while before she is born but be aware, she is on her way! I still have a few gigs coming up over the next few weeks, which can be found in the gigs section! For now, this is all I have the energy to write so... I hope you have a nice day. 26/04/2016 Busy! What a months. If you missed it, Samantics was on BBC Introducing in Devon with some very positive comments/feedback, which was lovely. In even more recent news, Samantics is soon to hit the streets and start busking! It's taken me a long time to work out how i'd power the loop pedal but I am finally ready, so watch out unsuspecting shoppers. Lots of gigs coming up, check out the gigs section. I'm sure that's enough of an update for now! 26/03/2016 Another video?! Somehow I'm being proactive and productive at the moment! Check out the videos section for Episode 2 of The Lounge Sessions, The barefoot rendition of Make Music can be found here. More gigs are being added regularly with even more in the pipeline. Keep checking back x :-D 15/03/2016 Samantics is officially crap at keeping his news feed updated, In other news, there's a NEW VIDEO ready to watch by clicking below: The Lounge Sessions, Episode 1 - The Little Things, live from a dressing gown. Check out the gigs page and keep checking back as shows are finally becoming a little more regular! 12-02-2016 Via FB update: I've recently had to wash my hand after pulling my finger out and being more proactive. I have been booking up a nice amount of gigs, recording and editing live lounge session videos, writing new material, performing said new material, making more copies of my album and generally enjoying myself. I'll be on phonic FM this Monday (15th of Feb) around 3pm, It'll probably mostly be me sounding really awkward and then playing some stripped down versions of songs. You'll be able to listen here: Gigs this month include 2 on the same day! Saturdfay Feb 20th in both Exeter (Globe @ 4ish) and Teignmouth (KezFest @ Cellar Bar). See gigs page for more info. I've been busy updating the website, and will be doing a lot more next week! Keep checking for updates. 28-01-2016 You can now watch the official video for Smile All the Time over in the Videos isle. It was made with the help and support of many brave people and I couldn't have done it alone! 12-01-2016 Lounge sessions inbound! I've been building up my equipment for recording over the last 6 months and I finally have everything i need to start my Sessions From The Lounge video series. Watch this space. I will also be looking for collaborations so if you're interested, get in touch! I also got a new table today which fits all my equipment on/under it and I love it... what has my life become?! 11-01-2016 LIVE GIG, Saturday 16th @ Exeter Cavern. I'm on first so get down there early if you're interested! Doors open at 8 and it's free entry before 9. 7-1-2016 Lots of exciting things approach! I'm currently in the process of booking festivals and shows for the coming year. Last year was great for me to build my confidence and get back on stage, this year is about getting myself out there and smashing life in the balls. Watch this space for all gigs and shows! So.. not real news at the moment, but a lot lies within the pipeline! 29-11-2015 I recently recorded a live performance for Balcony TV! Head to the videos section to have a gander! 06-11-2015 I NEED YOUR HELP - FIGHT AGAINST DEPRESSION. To find out what you can do to help me from the comfort of you're own home, please follow the link simply by clicking any of the words in this news update. 18-10-2015 Noises From the Bedroom can now be listened to in it's entirety and purchased as a digital download from HERE 11-10-2015 Noises From the Bedroom is now officially available to buy online! After much messing around with PayPal, I have finally managed to make a working button! Check out the 'Shop' section of the page to purchase! 29-09-2015 Noises From the Bedroom will be available from the 4th October! Keep an eye out for the 'Shop' button to begin your purchase! 14-09-2015 Had a really productive weekend; most of the album is now produced, with the help of Shiftee Productions. The album artwork is almost complete too. Soon it will be time to cut and stick each one individualy as I've decided to do it all myself! 07-09-2015 I am so sick of the sound of my own voice. Production continues. In other news, My next gig will be at The Old Firehouse in Exeter on October 4th. 06-09-2015 I am very excited to report that all the songs have now been recorded for my debut album! I'm now deep into production and I'm loving every second. Not long until you'll start to hear Noises From The Bedroom! 11-08-2015 I now have three quarters of the album recorded, I'm starting to go a little stir crazy but I'm pretty sure it's going to be worth it... Noises From The Bedroom will be coming soon! In other news, there is now a comments section situated on the Contact page! 10-08-2015 Samantics added a news page to the website! He considers this newsworthy... Hi guys, I'm currently lucky enough to be in America and I'm working hard on recording my first album and updating the website. Things are going well so far and I'm uploading a selection of tracks as and when they are ready. Check the music page to see what I've been up to! I am also working on an entirely new element to the website which will be unveiled soon! Keep checking back for updates, it's going to be pretty awesome.

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